UVB Narrowband for Psoriasis

Clinical studies around the world have shown that UVB Narrowband Philips Phototherapy lamps are the most effective lamps currently available for the treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo and other skin diseases.  If you are a Psoriasis sufferer you will be aware of the time spent making special hospital appointments for UVB treatment. The lamps used for home Narrowband treatment are the same Philips medical lamps used for Psoriasis treatment in hospitals all over the world. These high quality UVB lamps have been used for more than twenty years with outstanding results. You can now use these lamps in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Home treatment is equivalent to hospital therapy according to Dutch researchers both in terms of safety and the effectiveness of clearing the condition. And those treated at home reported a significantly lower burden of treatment and were more satisfied, Psoriasis UVB light treatment is the future to help this problem and is confirmed by scientists, we are now able to help you by providing a light unit containing Philips Lamps. Only Philips Lamps are used in Hospitals worldwide to treat Psoriasis, vitiligo, dermititis, and acne.

Symptoms of Psoriasis can be minimised with the recognised Psoriasis light treatment. All our units are manufactured in the UK and are fitted with genuine Philips TL100W/01 UVB Narrowband Lamps.

The 9 tube foldaway Narrowband light unit is for widespread skin problems and can be fitted with various lamp combinations, shown separately to avoid confusion. Whichever Philips lamp combination you choose can be supplied at an unbeatable price. A fully comprehensive guide to skin types and relevant guide lines is also provided.

BE ALERT: Important information which not all websites tell you, make an informed decision before purchase.

If you are currently receiving treatment in Hospital & are considering the purchase of your own home Phototherapy unit, look at the Hospital Lamps being used. Ask your dermatologist which Lamps he/she would recommend for the unit being purchased. I think the answer will be Philips in both instances.

Do not settle for unbranded substitute lamps, insist on Philips.

Some websites will give medical research quoting Philips Lamps. At the same time they do not offer these Lamps in the units they sell. Ask yourself WHY?

Some websites will claim to offer the identical treatment as Hospitals. Hospitals only use Philips Lamps. If the units they supply do not contain Philips Lamps how is this possible? All Lamps made by Philips are branded Philips Lamps. Insist on Philips, the only UVB Narrowband Phototherapy Lamps that are certified to be the safest on the skin. Hospitals would never use unbranded, unproven Lamps.

If a website claims to supply Hospitals ask them to name one Hospital as an example.

You may find a website offering UVB Narrowband 311 NM Lamps for Psoriasis quoting Hospital specification. You might even see a picture of a Philips Lamp. Do not assume these units/Lamps on offer will be Philips. There are many imported versions without Philips proven technology. Ask before purchase, why take risks with unbranded Lamps.

More than 400 independent clinical studies around the world have shown that Philips UVB Narrowband (TL/01) Phototherapy Lamps are the most effective Lamps currently available for the treatment of Psoriasis & Vitiligo as well as less common skin diseases.

If you have any questions always make sure you speak personally with a consultant. Do not settle for an answer machine; call center or leaving messages on line. If you call Skinmatters a member of staff will always answer your call or email if preferred. If you ring a company that never answers the phone, or you email a question but they never reply, ask yourself WHY?

Answer: They want you to order on line without you having full knowledge of the product.

Invest in a specialist product, it can be tempting to buy cheaper.

Why gamble with your health?

For more information, helpful advice & support, please contact the Psoriasis association. Local rate applies, Telephone Number: 08456-760 076




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